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Using a muted lo-fi filter over all of their tracks to express a dreamy yet upbeat tone, “Santa Fe...27,” by Lostboycrow, presents itself as an alternative/pop hybrid ideal for the purpose of loosely focusing while studying or staring out of a window contemplating when the sun will decide to come back out from behind the clouds. The first song on the album “27 (sad signs)” deals with the topic of aging in relation to one capabilities of moving on and explores the usually unspoken and somewhat cliché theme that time in fact does not always heal every wound. The album continues to heavily follow this theme in the fourth track “Orange Juice” through the subtle masking of the lyrics of the lead singer, Chris Dank, with the overpowering yet dreamy sounding instrumentals hiding the realities of his detrimental hopelessness below.

Alongside feelings of hopelessness There also exists the persistent subtle imagery of death/dying throughout the lyrics of each track on the album. Highlighted by instances such as the 4th track “Orange Juice” focusing around this concept of a “raven’s song” implying a bad omen and the possible foreshadowing of death, and the final track on the album “Since the Day I Was Born” presenting the lyrics, “Death be callin' my name since the day I was born only this time, I'm not afraid anymore.” Our lives are characterized by a fearful and constant race against death, so upon accepting the call of death we essentially admit defeat in the conclusion that we have essentially fulfilled our purpose within this realm of existence.

Regardless of the promoted meanings behind the lyrics, the album itself has solidified itself as one of my favorite alt pop escapes in these last couple weeks and I would highly recommend giving it a try if you have an extra half hour in your day.

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- Chris Goodall

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