Playlist: In NJ We Smoke Mids

I woke up at 9 am today to finish the first fifteen pages of my screenplay. It’s about two stoner girls from New Jersey on the hunt for weed. I have been listening to one playlist mostly when writing it. I think it fits the vibe.

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Jacqueleen Eng
santa fe...27

Using a muted lo-fi filter over all of their tracks to express a dreamy yet upbeat tone, “Santa Fe...27,” by Lostboycrow, presents itself as an alternative/pop hybrid ideal for the purpose of loosely focusing while studying or staring out of a window contemplating when the sun will decide to come back out from behind the clouds.

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Chris GoodallComment
Cigarettes After Sex

Opening with the customary soft acoustic guitar riff and basic yet fulfilling tempo provided through the drums, Cigarettes After Sex’s somewhat forgotten B-side single “Sesame Syrup” at first glance makes no attempt to distance itself from the classic sound and feel the band has successfully established as their own.

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