Cigarettes After Sex


Opening with the customary soft acoustic guitar riff and basic yet fulfilling tempo provided through the drums, Cigarettes After Sex’s somewhat forgotten B-side single “Sesame Syrup” at first glance makes no attempt to distance itself from the classic sound and feel the band has successfully established as their own.

Upon the initial strike of the chorus though, the song takes a surprising turn incorporating an additional level of substance and sweetness as the lead vocalist Greg Gonzalez seems to transition from simply signing/reciting the words to investing a dedicated stream of emotion into them. The continuous strand of repeating “sesame syrup” plays off of the bittersweet undertones of the song as it brings up the ideas involving the dilution of childhood through these mixed concepts such as hiding cocaine inside of pixy stix and keeping a journal full of all of your past sexual experiences, yet still childishly hiding it under your bed.

The dramatic pauses between the end of the chorus and beginning of each verse implies a melancholy and dreamy feeling that reemphasizes this desire to return to our days of childhood, and more specifically, back to the days when life was pure and relationships lasted.

Having become intimately familiar with the band’s most popular singles and albums over numerous late nights under the New Mexican stars, I would say “Sesame Syrup” holds up to the band’s status quo and is a great addition to that ‘sad boy indie pop’ playlist that most likely is lurking somewhere in your Spotify account.

Stay classy,

- Chris

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